About Michael R. Gilbert

Michael R. GilbertFor over 25 years Michael R. Gilbert has been practicing, teaching and researching different styles yoga, enabling clients to rid themselves of chronic pain. Michael’s work combines principles from many disciplines, including Medical Massage, Structural Integration (Rolfing), and Pre-Med Anatomy and Physiology.  Michael has also studied Shiatsu, Chinese Meridian Therapy, Feldenkrais, Trigger Point Therapy and the Alexander Technique

Michael R. Gilbert teaches people how to manage energy and reduce tension – the underlying key to good health.  He has helped countless people with chronic pain make their aches and stresses things of the past.  Many of his clients have avoided invasive and dangerous surgeries, and he has allowed them to continue to engage in the activities they love when other specialists told them they had to give up their livelihoods or hobbies.

His approach is based on time-tested, authentic principals drawn from Western and Eastern bodywork-related health systems, including yoga, massage therapy, anatomy and physiology.  After two decades of experience, he has come to understand that pain is no more than an accumulation of stress and pressure.  By teaching the body to share the effort, we learn the skill of ease.  The more ease we incorporate into our activities, including the daily tasks of sitting, standing and walking, the more we share the effort.  The more we teach the body to share the effort, the more we free ourselves of the limitations created by stress.

Michael’s clients span the globe and include US-based businesses, non-profits and health centers like the Hospital for Joint Diseases, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Institute for Women’s Disabilities, to British Airways, the Israeli Defense Forces and Japanese yoga studios.