The Resilient Body

by aprilevans on June 25, 2013

Watching a human body in action is a marvel of nature; the wonders of our anatomy as we move and grow are innumerable.  Science’s insatiable hunger to understand the world has helped us to understand and outline all the different parts that make up this human form.  We have learned so much about atoms, chemistry, cells, organs, and bones.  So why is that we lack so much knowledge on the subjects of pain and stress? 

The problem of pain is not one that can be solved by understanding body parts alone, we must understand that stress is the intensity of experience, and pain is our perception of stress.  When we feel pain, it simply means that our body has lost some of its ability to be resilient.  It is not a problem of the body being “broken” or having a “bad” knee or back or wrist, it is simply a lack of resilience. 

The difference between being broken and lacking resilience is that being broken requires that someone else come and fix the problem.  Being resilient is something that can be developed on your own over time once you have the tools.  Science has done a wonderful job of giving us a road map of the body.  It is our own ability to manipulate intensity and stress to keep the journey moving forward without turbulence.


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